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The Conversation

Oil Painting by David Sandum
"The Conversation" 73x92 cm (28.5x36.7 inch)

Explanation: This work was first started in 2011, finished in 2017, and has gone through many stages. The painting has three focal points:

First, the strong expressionistic tree in the middle. At first, it appears barren with few green leaves, but gradually you see the strength: The strong restless roots, powerful trunk with dramatic reds, speaking volumes of endurance. Yet you also feel its vulnerability. Though it has endured much, a strong storm can blow it over. You also feel it is nearly moving - that it could run away.

2) The couple: The title hints of the importance in the work. Meeting out in a field, a man and woman meet in solitude to discuss something of importance. Who are they? What is the nature of their relationship? Much inspired by the complex nature of Edvard Munch's relationships, I am trying to stir the imagination of what this discussion is about. The small tree to the left, was first a third person - A man that I painted over. This man would have brought a more complex situation of jealousy. Now we can rest on the two. All of us have had discussions like this within a relationship. We sense tension, but each one of you can decide what the discussion is about. Will it be resolved?

3) The house on the ridge: I love the symbolism of a single house. A home, the uniting factor, even the dream of such a place.

Influences: Vincent is never far from my mind. The energy of his colors are felt in the field, swirling grass (always symbolizing creativity and growth for me), and to some extent, in the sky. But the tree is more expressionistic in nature.



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