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A Memoir About Depression & Discovering Art

2016 Grand Prize Short List Finalist

2016 First Horizon Award Winner
2016 The da Vinci Eye Award Finalist
2016 Eric Hoffer Micro Press Award Winner
2016 Southwest Book Design & Production President's Choice Award


With his book, David Sandum contributes towards tearing down the boundaries and walls around “nerve problems,” which used to be “melancholy”. . . The book is honest and open, painful and raw, but also reflective and forward-looking. It is insightful and useful, not only for those who struggle with mental health, but also for their families, friends, and colleagues.—Tom Egeland, best-selling author of Relic and board member of the Norwegian Authors Union

David Sandum appeared to have it all: a beautiful young family and a promising career ahead as a business consultant. But his life started veering off course, and upon returning to his native Scandinavia, he fell into an inexplicable, deep depression. 

I’ll Run Till the Sun Goes Down is a searingly honest account of David’s struggle to overcome his crippling mental illness. After years of hopeless despair, bleak hospitalizations, and shattered dreams, he is finally saved by his art. The paintbrush becomes his lifeline.

Filled with the work of artists who have inspired him as well as samples of his own drawings and paintings, this memoir offers both a compelling read and a visual story of David’s courageous battle with depression. 

“This is a ground-breaking book that is visually stunning, psychologically hard-hitting, and emotionally mesmerizing.”

—US Review of Books

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Discussing the book, "I'll Run Till The Sun Goes Down". Filmed 2014, in David's studio.


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