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The Birds Nest

"The Birds Nest", Oil - 73 x 92 cm (28.5 x 36.7 inch)
"The Birds Nest", Oil - 73 x 92 cm (28.5 x 36.7 inch)

July 22, 2017, I had just finished an oil painting.

Explanation: This painting was actually started in 2010, but I have re-worked it a lot the past week. One person asked me what kind of birds nest it was? I answered it was just from my imagination. For me it is only symbolic. A nest - a place to be re-born. To get a new start. The tree trunks also give reference to figures intertwined, especially the one on the left. But the painting was more a work of color than anything else, focusing on the complimentary colors of orange/blue, red/green, purple/yellow. The blue color in the sky was a mix of many blues. The lines/energy in the sky was influenced by Vincent and Signac.



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