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An Interview, by Angela Cappetta

David Sandum

Since 2014, I have been taking yearly study trips to New York City. It has been wonderful to connect with many artists and creatives in the city that never sleeps. I am always inspired by the energy there. One of the artists I have been fortunate to meet is Angela Cappetta, a most talented photographer. She has also acquired some of my work. She recently asked to interview me about my art and creative process for her blog.


"The focus of my work is to transfer emotion. Artists work in many ways. Some copy what they see and others start with an empty canvas and see what evolves. I am of the latter kind. It happens that I have a clear motif in mind, but it is rare. Even if I do, it never ends up the way I thought because I paint impulsively. There is always a psychological element in my work. I started to paint to deal with my struggle with depression"

David Sandum

"I only care that the viewer feel something, using psychological themes that we all share: Longing, love, pain, loss, difficulty in communication, admiration of nature, energy, passion and so on. People will interpret these themes based on their own experience. But in the end, our journey and experiences as human beings on this Earth, are similar."


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